B&W Illustration (Full buyout)

$400.00 $300.00



Anything you can imagine that can be illustrated on a single image. I’ll give you sketches for half upfront, and then you get as many notes within reason. I can’t be spending all the time in the world on your project unless you’re able to pay for extra notes, but nearly anything, i’ll whip it out for ya, and of corse i’ll make changes- especially if its to be more accurate to what was originally asked. If you change your mind at the end about something, you’re gonna have to pay extra for notes.
Be respectful, and i’ll be extra helpful.

Need it in vector? I got u. Need it to be prepared for print? I got you. Need layers separated so you can animate it in another project? I got you.

I’ve done work in various different types of industries, so i can accommodate whatever kinds of deliverables are required.

If you need a physical mailed out, i’ll charge for shipping, but we’ll work all that shit out.

Full buyout means you (the client) own the artwork, and i do not. I promise to not sell products with the art i made for you, and you can do whatever the fuck you want with the artwork, even tlel people you did it instead of me! I literally dont give a fuck if ur paying full price.


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