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I am available for hire if you need any creative project executed or planned out. I have vast experience in visual arts like

  • digital/physical illustration
  • digital/physical painting
  • digital/physical sculpture
  • digital photography
  • digital/physical set design
  • cinematograpohy
  • campaign development
  • music video directing/production
  • digital cell animation
  • animated text
  • general graphic design
  • print media production

I also work intimately in audio realms such as:

  • sound design
  • sample pack
  • creation
  • synth patch design
  • multi-genre instrumental production
  • mixing, mastering
  • album development
  • songwriting (lyrical development)
  • orchestration
  • rap lyricist (ghost writing)
  • remixing, glitch texturing
  • and chiptune hardware/software production

ANY creative project you need accomplished, I can ABSOLUTELY make it OBJECTIVELY BETTER, MORE DYNAMIC, AND INFINITELY KOOLER.

I have worked for clients such as

  • Stan Lee
  • Mike Judge
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Ariel Pink
  • Rio Warner
  • Anthony Fantano
  • Night Channels clothing
  • Doc Martens shoes
  • Many more private clients

Since I was 12 years old, I have executed commissioned work for many different types of clients. I’ve worked on murals, portraits, children’s book illustrations, event fliers, album covers, trading cards, interactive web designs, animations, music videos, t-shirt designs, comic books, storyboards, and various unique one-of-a-kind private commissions.

I like to schedule my days in a way where i focus on a single project per day, therefore I charge on a daily basis. If i can work remote, the price is discounted.

The price of materials, travel expenses, accomodations, and hardware rental is not included in the price of labor.

  • $0/1-2hr Project consultation to see if I can help with what you need.
  • $65/hr any work agreed to with a 5 Hour minimum and $130 downpayment.
  • $2500/ 40hr work week. if the project is large, this is to be paid upfront to prevent being lead on by broke clients.
  • $777/day – shamanic leadership consultation
  • $1200/day – in person live presentation, solo performance or lecture
  • $4000/day – theatrical live performance with fully costumed band