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I’ve been working on a handful of new records in order to create the perfect audio environment for my new film “Stardrain”

The songs on this record were produced on my iPads. I don’t have a desktop computer, so the work i am creating for upcoming releases that include recordings on ableton and Logic, are recorded in professional studios on computers that I do not own myself. Puke on the Floor was mastered in these same studios from Los angeles to San Jose.

There are mostly instrumental tracks on here and I only have really two songs with rapped out verses with the exception of a few tracks where i sampled my friend’s voices (like on tracks 5, 6, 7, & 10).

Track 11, “F8k Ass” started out as a collection of bars written for an online rapping competition held by Alma Rosae on a social networking platform called “instagram”. This song sort of has a chorus, but mostly is a stream of consciousness rambling by a jaded online pirate. The Hollywood Cowboy is explaining to everyone that they are focused on the wrong energies, and the very tool they need to transmute their lives into the one they desire, is right under everyone’s own nose and inside their mind. If you are a fake whack ass piece of shit, you won’t be able to create as dynamically as those whom actively push themselves to fail endlessly, becoming stronger in creative realms as a result. To create and to manipulate the matrix with one’s creations is the most powerful gift and curse given to the inhabitants of this 3d reality. We can destroy ourselves and others with our creations, but we can also bring creatures and consciousnesses to higher vibrations through our creations as well.

I’m not saying all this shit is true or false, this is just what these aliens have been telling me.

Here are the lyrics for this song:

I’m a 27 year old conspiracy theorist,
Chiptune thrash boi its hard to find peers in this
Dont think im serious? Hear my discography, i was
Sent from outerspace to exorcise this geography

LA County, on the streets of hollywood
In an ancient time, wearing a thelma hood
No good doing a deed had been done
Slime Queen Cried as the Purple Slyme won.

Demons in the dark, where our bitterness hid
Many wagers lost as souls had been bid
Pop off the lid, composure’s left forgotten
Sorry if you wanna save my soul, but its rotten

Bobbing heads nodding, to beat of the bass drum
Baby got moisture on skin from the face cum
Break me off sum, its ok i been taking
Ovenrake is the reason my booty is shaking

Riding on my wave? Fake ass, I don’t need ya,
I’ll make you my slave, and i won’t even feed ya
Don’t mean to impede ya, but i might mislead ya, i’ll
Reprogram your mind by the end of this feature

Resonate this? Try again little creature
I am your teacher with the instructions
Don’t eat things people give you at a rave
You wont get another taste until you behave

Rotate your arms, set off the alarms, we got
Thirty five minutes before the cops come,
This party is popping, nobody is harmed, & Our
bass was so booming, that the cops was disarmed

Ride the wave if you want, Just don’t be fake,
If everybody’s riding we can start an earthquake
Bake it like it’s easy in an easy bake baker, but
It’s hard to understand for spam bot faker

Chorus chorus

I’m the Kool skull and I just woke up
Work on my mind, Coca Cola in my cup
I get up every day and I train, to
Fight the singularity with my alien brain

I’m an extraterrestrial, sent to assist
Tried to help you out, but you all made me pissed
All of your fakery caused me to abort
I won’t obey and my brain won’t contort,

Keep on your toes, pay thine attention
That or meet a fate that had been aforementioned
Intention is the key factor kid
Sorry that you have to live with what you did

I can’t think other than what I knows
Think your shits dead from the sight of the crows
Don’t jump off when the bpm slows, all
signs indicating that your music fucking blows

Dumb bitch vapid ass thinking on empty
Thinking that your broke loose pussy gonna tempt me
Many succubi try and knock me off my balance, but They
cant catch up cus they dont got as many talents

Got some magic powers in the palm of my hand
Sources been uncertain, til i tried to understand
While you try to meditate, what keeps you distracted?
Musta been some drama from the type of way you acted

Dont blow up in your life, do it on stage
I don’t own a car to avoid the road rage
If you got a weakness don’t cry, just pay attention
Focus on the feature and carve out your intention

Determined is, the fact that you dont know, about
Most of the waveforms that dance around your flow
All is unknown out side your consciousness vector
Stay in your lane, bitch, find your own sector.”

– Juan Larrazabal, Channeling the Hollywood Cowboy; an alternate incarnation on another timeline.

I’m releasing this album for free because I know of how much music i was exposed to simply because it was free. I know personally, how many people have downloaded my records without being able to afford a donation. That’s kool, but if you are able to afford the expense, donations are greatly appreciated.

I am in preproduction for My feature film “Stardrain”. An animated cyberpunk musical about the music industry, Cyborg Mutants, and Sexy alien pirate babes! This is an extremely large undertaking, and the story and characters have been developed over the last 12 years of my life.

Technology finally is at a place where most of the old technical issues are for the most part ELIMINATED. Not only are computers able to fit in a small backpack, but render time is a thing of the past with new 3d angines capable of real time rendering with surprisingly dynamic textures and materials.
I plan on making this film with Blender 2.8 & Unity on desktop PC, but then editing the picture on my ipad pro with Lumafusion. I know you might think that’s a bad idea, but honestly, with the new ipad OS allowing me to connect my tablet to any harddrive, its kind of ideal actually. I’m very fast with the lumafusion interface (yes i can use a mouse and keyboard on my ipad) and I’m confident this will be dope. 2d animated elements and frames will be created in clip Studio Paint on my ipad pro. In my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful for an animator to work because of the cloud storage capabilities of having a paid CSP account, and the full desktop style port of the app on ipad. It really feels like i’m using software without limits and it runs very smoothly on ipadOS.

If you would like to help finance this project, you are encouraged to donate to my BTC. Or ETH. Wallets. You are not going to be entitled to any say as to what i make, but if you would like to help me and my family pay the rent and put food in the fridge, that would be deeply appreciated.

I only create because it is absolutely what i am certain i need to be doing. None of this came up suddenly, it has been carved onto the skin of my soul over many years and I will only feel like a failure if i die before this film is completed. When it’s ready, you will understand why i’ve been so committed and diligent. Many onlookers may think i’m chasing unattainable goals, but I am unable to fully translate the complete context without this being finished.

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Thank you very much and god bless all of you.




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