Bestowing Grace Through Creation

2019 has proven to be a very productive year for KOOL SKULL.

-I’m making a lot of headway on top secret hush hush projects, and I’m making some epic shit with my friends. 

This album is a collection of some shit I’ve been mixing up recently. I wanted to mix up Cumbia, hip hop, thrash, breakcore, psychedelic rock, jazz, trap, and chiptune together. This album was produced on my iPad with iOS apps for the artwork and music. Live recorded instruments and vocals by guest appearances recorded at Thrash44 Studios in Lawndale, CA. 

Guest appearances:

Jean Mors

Spacey K

Madison Sinclair




Theo Rollin’


All songs written and produced by Kool Skull, except for the lyrics where guests wrote their own material respectively. 

Produced on an iPad Pro with Korg Gadget, Cubasis, Nanostudio 2, iMPC Pro, AudioShare, Final Touch, & Nanoloop. 

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