wassup everybody?

how long as it been since we last met? Wether you´ve known of my garbage since day one or you´ve just heard about me for the first time, IM THE KOOL SKULL. I am a multi skilled Artist from Los Angeles, CA. 

I illustrate commissions of digital and physical paintings for music videos, cartoons, books, magazines, video games, album covers, advertisements, and private customers.

I have an extensive discography of more than 44 full length albums and EP’s; spanning a multitude of genres from hardcore digital 8-bit chipthrash to angry hip hop, and psychedelic rock’n’roll lullaby’s.   

I am currently making an independent animated feature film called ‘STARDRAIN’; a  Cyberpunk Musical set in a Surrealist reality with aliens, cyborgs, mutants, and sentient piles of garbage.

Thanks for the hand painted custom Minion toy you left in my office! That lil guy's pretty well drawn man!

Mike Judge

It's not every day you meet a true Renaissance man of this calibur. His work is truly impressive.

Ariel Pink

What's that? Ron? I'll call you Ronny Longlastname!

Stan Lee